Think Like Amazon

How Amazon leaders Dive Deep with Allon Katz

May 24, 2021 Tyler Wallis Episode 12
Think Like Amazon
How Amazon leaders Dive Deep with Allon Katz
Show Notes

Allon spent nearly 7 years at Amazon, holding senior roles across both Amazon’s e-commerce retail category businesses and as Director of Prime Now. During these roles, Allon refined his ability to dive deep into a business and understand its critical levers, a skill he first acquired as a management consultant and now applies post-Amazon as he leads portfolio operations in private equity. 


In this episode, you’ll hear how leaders can continue to stay connected to the key details of their business as their scope increases, how to prioritize when to dive deep, and why being data focused is key to the Customer Obsession principle. Tune in to hear more great ideas and approaches from Allon in this episode. 



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3:00 – How to stay connected to the details of a business as your scope increases

7:50 – How diving deep can help unlock resources for your team

8:35 – Ideas for being data driven in a nascent business

10:10 – How Amazon leaders prioritize where to focus amidst large amounts of data

13:25 – Finding balance between diving deep and operating at a high level

15:57 – When to trust anecdotes over aggregate data [Prime Now example]

20:34 – How a focus on data encourages an culture of ownership

22:50 – Why investing in diving deep early in a role pays dividends later in effective problem solving

24:01 – A mental model for pinpointing which data points to focus your time on

25:44 – Applying the Dive Deep principle in private equity work