Think Like Amazon

How to Earn Trust at work with Justin Maner

October 18, 2021 Tyler Wallis Episode 26
Think Like Amazon
How to Earn Trust at work with Justin Maner
Show Notes

Justin spent 10 years at Amazon where he helped lead Baby Registry to becoming the #1 US registry, reinvented the vendor negotiation process that led to $1B in profitability improvements, and received a "Just Do It" award from Jeff Bezos for inventing a new communication system for vendors and sellers. In 2019, Justin left his role as Director of Amazon Device Sales and Marketing Technology to pursue several entrepreneurial endeavors. Today, Justin is the CEO of Data Spark, a technology company bringing actionable insights to brands and sellers on Walmart Marketplace.


In this episode, Justin returns to the podcast to discuss Amazon’s Earn Trust principle. As you listen, you’ll hear Justin share actionable steps to build stronger trust as a leader in your organization. A few highlights from our conversation include:

·        Why Earn Trust is the principle that surfaces most as people move up in their career

·        How one Amazon VP turned Earn Trust into a mechanism

·        The 4 elements that make up trust

·        Dealing with a blind spot and why Justin spent a whole day traveling for a 30-minute 1:1 meeting that made all the difference

·        Taming the ego by remembering what you want the most and the power of option



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